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Resolve your divorce before Going to Court

Controversies exist in life and are often unavoidable, but that does not mean that the court system is the only means by which a dispute can be resolved. Since 1987, our divorce mediators have helped thousands of attorneys and their clients to reach accords without the protracted time and expense of going to court. And, just like them, we’ll be here for you when it matters the most.

Why Choose a Divorce Mediator?

The advantages of our Presuit Divorce Mediation services are numerous and include not only saving a substantial amount of time and money, but also minimizing the resulting anger, animosity and anxiety associated with our court system. While using a divorce mediator, the parties are free to take a step back and discuss their dispute without conflict and with the goal of finding a solution. If a resolution is not reached, mediation is often able to narrow the issues and exchange information. This process improves and streamlines any subsequent formal proceedings and permits each party to focus on the real issues. Successful mediation participants benefit through timely settlement leaving them with reduced expenses and may result in opportunities that are not necessarily available through the judicial process.

Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC is pleased to offer a Presuit Divorce Mediation program which provides an opportunity to resolve the conflict and painful emotions early on. It also provides all parties more flexibility in how the resolution is reached. You should know that nothing that happens during mediation will compromise the participants’ relative positions in any respect should the dispute not be resolved.

What does divorce mediation consist of?
How long does mediation take?
Do you need a lawyer?
Is the information discussed in medation confidential?
What happens if an agreement can be reached?
If an agreement can't be reached, does the information get discussed within a hearing?
What happens if the parties agree on some things, but not everything?
Does divorce mediation cover custody issues too? Does it involve a parenting plan?
Does mediation typically cost less than a traditional divorce?
Why choose mediation?
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How Our Divorce Mediation Services Work

Getting started.

Both parties exchange the necessary information to participate in a productive mediation. Thereafter, you meet with a divorce mediator, a neutral third party, who can guide you in reaching your own decisions with respect to the division of assets, child support, child visitation and alimony, if applicable.  If you were to retain separate attorneys each of you would be paying fees just to get started.

You get to decide.

In divorce mediation you are in charge and have a part in the decision making process. Should the issues end up before a Judge you you relinquish the decision to the court.

What about the children?

Mediation is easier on the children than divorce because they can see you are working together and there is less conflict in the home between the parents they love. In mediation, the parties will also work to achieve an agreed upon Parenting Plan as required by Florida Law.

What is said between us, stays between us.

It is confidential.  All discussions stay in mediation with certain very limited exceptions as defined by law (ie, allegations of child abuse, threatened harm.)  This confidentiality allows the parties to think outside the box to reach a settlement that the court may not be able to consider.

Save time and money.

Compared to litigation, divorce mediation can significantly reduce or even eliminate many type expenses and shorten the time it takes to obtain the final hearing that you need to complete the divorce.

You don't have to settle.

You can still go to court. If you are not satisfied, you can stop at any time. What has occurred in mediation will remain confidential so you can start fresh if needed or resolve some issues and leave others for the court to decide.

Rely On Us

Our team here at Central Florida Mediation Group is primarily comprised of seasoned trial attorneys and former judges, who want to help resolve disputes through mediation. We work individually or together to resolve disputes, no matter how resistant the opposition or how complex the issue. Contact us to learn how our team can help facilitate a quicker, more efficient settlement for you.